Shopping……the word itself describes fun. But shopping does not only mean clothes. It also means buying food and regular household things that we need in our daily lives. It is necessary for our lives but for a teenager, shopping basically brings excitement and fun. As a matter of fact, girls love shopping and spending time to choose between two close shades of a similar dress. It can be hectic for some busy teenagers who tend to spend less time behind shopping. They prefer window shopping more than roaming about the market choosing their desired items.


Here are conversations between two friends which will give you a guide on what to buy for a teenager which is useful and beneficial:


What should a 14-year-old get for her 2020 birthday?

Suzan: Hey Kate, how are you?

Kate: Everything is working fine, but I am facing difficulty in choosing a gift for my sister.

Suzan: Oh! Can I help you out?

Kate: Yes, Of course. My sister is turning 14 this summer and I want to gift her something that she might use for a long time and is in a way useful to her too.

Suzan: Let me think.

(after a while of thinking)

Suzan: Your sister should have a smartwatch, I think. I have seen your sister going to swimming classes and to the gym. She is concerned about her fitness. You should gift her a smartwatch, that would help her keep a track of her daily activities.

Kate: But, will she like it? I mean what functions does it have? Is it efficient enough to handle rough sports?

Suzan: See, teenagers nowadays like gadgets over other things. And, technology has become more advanced now. Smartwatches have a lot of cool features that every individual will like. Common functions include monitoring heart rate and calculating steps. Some high range smartwatches let you control music and show text messages in your watch which makes work a lot easier when you have your mobile kept a little away from you but within range. He will definitely like it.

Kate: Then a smartwatch will be a better gift for her.



What to get a teenager that has everything?

Suzan: Kate, I am planning to buy something that will help me out on several things. I mean to say, something that will have everything and is pocket-friendly.

Kate: It is not possible to name a particular item that has everything in it, rather every feature in it. But I can suggest you something that will definitely help you out in most of the things.

Suzan; What are you talking about?

Kate: Music.

Suzan: I did not understand what you are talking about.

Kate: I am talking about headphones. You can buy headphones. Music is a way of communication with oneself and music will let you concentrate on your daily activities.

Suzan: How will headphones have everything, the most important things that a teenager can have?

Kate: Headphones are more useful than you can think of. You can listen to music, talk to friends over calls wirelessly along with other works. Nowadays, headphones have big drivers that deliver you a nourished version of a song that will keep your mind fresh. If you want everything in a box, that will be almost impossible. But you can definitely achieve a lot of things if you keep yourself focused.

What should I get my teenage best friend?

Reshmi: Next week I am having a night out at my best friend’s place.

Lucy: Woo! That is great.

Reshmi: I am thinking to gift her something as we are meeting after a long time. Can you suggest something?

Lucy: You people are friends for a long time, I think you should give her something that portrays the bonding between both of you, a memento of love actually.

Reshmi: Should I gift her a photo frame with one of our best memories captured in a single picture?

Lucy: That is a good idea, it is cheap and she can keep it as a memory forever.

What it’s like shopping with a teenager?

Amelia: Hey! Do you remember those days when we used to go shopping together before you shifted to your hostel?

Sassy: Yes, Of course! How can I forget those days? Those were the best days of my life.

Amelia: Do you remember the day I forgot my purse in the shop? And later we had to back to the shop to get it and on our way our car was malfunctioning?

Sassy: Yea, and ultimately after facing a lot of difficulties we got your purse back. But find street shopping more interesting with you. How we used to bargain the prices for clothes and convince them to sell us the dresses at a low price. Later on, a movie was a must watch with popcorns to munch on.

Amelia: It is really fun to go shopping with you. I had a lot of fun those days and wish to get those days back again.

How should a teenage girl dress up?

Lily: Last night I saw a girl outside my house and I wondered why she dressed up to expose a body. If I am not wrong, she would be of our age.

Lisa: Every girl should have a dressing sense and especially when they are in public. I know dressing is one’s own choice, but a teenage girl should dress in a modest way.

Lily: Yes, I agree. She should wear decent t-shirts, shirts, or tops as her upper garment and jeans, knee-length skirts, or knee-length pants. It does not look good if someone young wears garments that might expose her body.

What every teenage need in her closet?

Ruby: I was rearranging my closet last morning and I found out some unnecessary things in it.

Emma: I prefer not to keep unnecessary things in my closet. It contains some pairs of jeans, trousers, t-shirts, and tops.

Ruby: For mine, an overcoat is very essential for me and my wardrobe both. Then comes, some blazers for winter and how can one forget a cute bag? Daily clothes are there too like you mentioned. Other than that, it contains some essential and cool studs. My wardrobe is a big one and has enough space for shoes too.

Ruby: I too have some essential makeup materials in my closet. These are must-have things in my closet.


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