The cult is a Bengaluru-based fitness startup focused on training programs that use no machines or equipment. Cult provides a mix of martial arts, yoga and outdoor activities that have fitness in their core., gives the comfort to work out at any of their centers across the city. The co-founder and CEO of Cure Fit (stylized as are Mukesh Bansal. He is is a technology entrepreneur and investor and he was also the founder and former CEO of Myntra, a leading Indian E-commerce retailer, and has been listed in the Best 40 Under 40 Entrepreneurs by Fortune magazine.

The Cult Fit is one of the finest gyms for a holistic workout. There are sessions that you can choose on a daily basis like Yoga, Strength and Conditioning (SnC), HRX Workout, Zumba, Boxing, MMA and many more. At the Cult. fit fitness center, there are no treadmills and machines. It is Founded by fitness enthusiast and former professional basketball player Rishabh Telang, Cult offers energetic 50-minute sessions of strength and conditioning exercises, mixed martial arts, yoga, Zumba, or boxing – no treadmills and no other machines. The cult has a simple philosophy – make fitness fun and easy with the help of best in class trainers and group workouts. The workout of a Culfit can be done as group classes and it can be done by themselves at home also by seeing the videos. is great in technology to give the people the best experience. Each cult the fitness center is around 5,000 sq ft and has natural light and air flowing into the workout spaces.

The Cult fit centers gives their members best and comfortable facilities like changing rooms, lockers, shower rooms, towels, drinking water, and bottles and all the things required for the time of the workout. A Cult membership gives you access to all Mind fit centers at no extra cost.

HRX is a specific workout that draws inspiration from the regime personally followed by Hrithik. The workout will majorly focus on improving range of motion, full-body strength, and core activation. HRX is a celebrity brand owned by Bollywood actor Hrithik Roshan and Afsar Zaidi , Founder, and MD, Exceed Entertainment. The brand sells accessories, footwear, and apparel (including casual wear and activewear ). It has recently added deodorants to its product lines. 

The startup of Culfit by IDG Ventures, Accel Partners and Kalaari Capital with participation from Chiratae Ventures and Oaktree Capital has raised last month by $120 million in its series C round of funding led  “There are three broad buckets of investments. One is the technology platform where AI-based products and health fitness devices will be developed.



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