ZARA- Fashion Flows In The Threads Of Collections


Zara is a Spanish apparel retailer based in Arteixo in Galicia. The company specializes in fast fashions and products including clothing, accessories, shoes, swimwear, beauty, and perfumes. It is the largest company in the Inditex group, the world’s largest apparel retailer. Zara as of 2017 manages up to 20 clothing collections in a year.

The word Zara can be referred to as different meanings like in Arabic it can be termed as ‘star ‘ or ‘flower’ and is sometimes spelled as Zahra. In Russians, it means ‘princess’. Some people believe that Zara is a form of Sarah.


Zara is started by Amancio Ortega and its headquarter was established in the municipality of Arteixo, Spain. Zara set up its factory in La Coruna (a city known for its textile industry) in 1980 and upgraded to reverse milk-run type production and distribution facilities in 1990.

The company Zara was established in different countries like United States, France, Mexico, Sweden, etc. The company was first established in 1988, its international expansion through Porto, Portugal. Then in the early 2000’s Zara opens its first stores in Japan and Singapore in 2002, Russia and Malaysia in 2003, China, Morocco, Estonia, Hungary and Romania in 2004, the Philippines, Costa Rica, and Indonesia in 2005, South Korea in 2008, India in 2010 and Taiwan, South Africa and Australia in 2011.

Zara launched its online boutique in September 2010. It introduced the use of RFID technology in its stores in 2014. The RFID chips are located in the security tags which are removed from clothing when it is purchased and can be reused. An item that is not on the shelf can be easily found with the RFID tag.

In 2015, Zara was 30 ranked on Interbrands lists of best Global brands.
In 2019, Zara has updated the logo.

As a result of increasing competitive pressures from the online shopping market, Zara is shifting its focus onto online as well, and will consequently open fewer but larger stores in the future.



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