#BrandSaga: Kissan – The brand that championed happy growth


The current week’s #BrandSaga pays tribute to Kissan’s promoting venture which changed and exemplified itself at each stage adjusting to buyer needs and needs.

An option in contrast to Sunday’s poha is the sweet ‘jam’ and bread, a swap for chilly green chutney to samosa is dependably the savior-ketchup. It was never a relic of days gone by and will never be. The Saga of jam and ketchup being a definitive decision is interminable, the couple has been with us truly in our thick and diminishes. From testing chapati moves with the layer of ketchup to exchanging veggies with jam, we as a whole have attempted and tasted the combo with our preferred team.

What preferable a brand over Kissan ketchup and jam to take off with this #ThrowbackThursday where we cross the brand venture and what makes them a brand more than jams, ketchup and squashes.

The ‘saucy’ start

The story goes back to the pre-freedom period when India reeled under the British Raj and hung tight to see the light of ‘azadi’. In spite of the fact that Kissan sowed it’s foundations in the year 1934, it was gained by UB Group in 1950 and later in 1993 was purchased by Brooke Bond India joyfully being an individual from the Hindustan Unilever Limited (HUL) family till present.

The organization’s site invests wholeheartedly in guaranteeing that Kissan is more than jams, ketchups and squashes. It’s about children eating joyfully and thus, developing cheerfully. The history says that when the trains went through the Punjab locale in 1930s, they made a stop at a preparing unit where ranchers sold newly picked organic products. Local people called this spot Kissan and from that point it turned into a commonly recognized name by presenting the correct harmony between handy solution dinners and satisfactory sustenance spreads and dressings.

The advertising galore – Jam Jam Jammy

The prepared to-eat bundled nourishment classification thumped the entryway as the need of great importance for moms who needed to stay aware of the consistent development of life and let the children not endure in the hustle. During the 90s, the vast majority of Kissan’s publicizing centered around the item and putting the jams and ketchup as the go-to spreads in the general store. As per a superbrand report, the key difficulties now of time was to make a detectable differentiator and distinguish a brand minister.

HUL got onto make the underlying stride by advancing Kissan jam made with 100% genuine leafy foods. Later to support the situating of the brand in the market, Kissan jumped aboard expert cricketer Rahul Dravid to bat the correct path through the battles. Dravid’s dad Sharad Dravid worked for Kisan and nicknamed his child Jammy. Also, rest they state is history.



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