Parle Products-possessed cookie mark, 20-20 has as of late propelled another campaign titled ‘Taste mein 20 out of 20’. The brand, which targets youngsters and adults through its new campaign, exhibits regular circumstances that the present youth experience while managing “traditional” standards.

Each of the five presentation an engaging occasion including social circumstances influencing the present young adults – a mother encouraging her girl to dress however she sees fit; father supporting his teenage little girl’s movement with young men; a proprietor holding with a potential inhabitant from another religion; an advanced wind on arranged marriage; and a real estate agent supporting a live-in couple hoping to lease in the city.

Aaj Ki 20-20 Soch By Parle

Poppins Candy: A Parle Product

Parle 20-20 Short Dress Ad

Parle 20-20 Engagement Ad

Parle 20-20 Bodyguard Ad

Parle 20-20 Biryani Ad

Parle 20-20 cookies latest ad РEmpty Stomach campaign РOffice TVC 


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