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Kit Kat is a chocolate-secured wafer bar sugary treat made by Rowntree’s of York, United Kingdom, and is presently delivered internationally by Nestlé. The standard bars comprise of two or four pieces made out of three layers of wafer, isolated and secured by an external layer of chocolate. Each finger can be snapped from the bar independently. There are a wide range of kinds of Kit Kat, including milk, dark, and white chocolate.

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The beginnings of what is currently known as the Kit Kat mark return to 1911. The names were not utilized quickly and Kit Kat previously showed up in the 1920s, when Rowntree’s propelled a brand of boxed chocolates entitled Kit Cat.

In the wake of propelling in the 1930s, Rowntree’s Chocolate Crisp was initially published as “the biggest little meal” and “the best  companion to a cup of tea”. Amid World War II, Kit Kat was delineated as a significant wartime foodstuff, with the motto “what active people need”. ‘Kitty the Kat’ touched base in the late 1940s to stress the “rich full cream drain” characteristics of the bar and, because of contemporary upgrades underway strategies, likewise featured the as good as ever ‘snap’ by reacting to a bread being severed screen. The main Kit Kat blurb showed up in 1951, and the principal shading TV commercial showed up in 1969.

Since 1958, the motto for the Kit Kat in the UK and somewhere else has been “Have a break… have a Kit Kat”. In any case, in 1995, Nestlé looked to trademark the “Have a break” parcel. Following a ten-year fight in court, which was challenged by equal Mars, the European Court of Justice managed on 7 July 2005 to send the case back to the British courts. In 2004, Nestlé UK utilized the trademark “Make the most of your break”, however later came back to the first motto.

KitKat ‘Have a Break’ TV Commercial ad in 1960’s:

Kit Kat commercial ad in 1986:

Give me a break advertise by kit kat:

Kit kat commercial ad in 1990:

Kit Kat Yoga Commercial ad in 1996:

Kit kat army ad in 1996:

Kit kat India TVC ad in 1997:

Kit Kat India Bharatnatyam ad in 1997:

Kit-kat commercial ad 2011- Peace & Love:

Kit kat advert Indian cafe in 2005:

KIT KAT Squirrel Ad was released in 2010.

Kit kat India ad by Yousuf Pathan in 2011:

KitKat Bret Lee Mehandi Ad Break Banta Hai 2011:

Kit Kat India Samaj Sevak Break Banta Hai in 2011:

Kit kat love birds ad 2011:

Kit kat secretary ad in 2012:

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Kit kat break banta hai (Abla Naari) in 2012:

Kit Kat super bazar ad in 2012:

Kit Kat multiplication table ad in 2012:

Kit kat restaurant ad in 2012:

Kit kat doctor ad in 2012:

The most famous kit kat babies ad was released in 2013.

Kitkat Rich new taste ad in 2014:

Kit Kat Chunky Careers – Student TV Advertisement in 2014:

Kit kat astronaut ad ad 2014:

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KIT KAT Strawberry Duo ad in 2018:

Kit Kat My Travel Break ad in 2018:

The latest advertisement of Kit Kat 2018:

Here is the list of best advertisements of Have a break, have a kit-kat:


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