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The main long stretches of Tanishq recorded predictable misfortunes. In 2000, Managing Director Xerxes Desai picked Bhaskar Bhat to succeed him. Beginning in 2000, its total assets began to develop, and by 2003, Tanishq was among the main 5 retailers in India and made up 40% of the Titan group's income. In the mid-2000s, Tanishq opened stores globally, in the Middle East and in the United States, yet shut them before the decade's end. Tanishq made the excellence event crowns for the Femina Miss India 2007. By 2008, Tanishq had 105 stores in 71 cities in India. In 2011, the Tanishq bunch propelled the sub-mark called Mia for working ladies. In November 2012, Tanishq achieved a milestone when it opened its 150th showroom in India. In October 2013, a TV advertisement propelled by Tanishq blended debate since it instituted a second marriage for the lady of the hour and the prep, despite the fact that separated or bereft ladies are outsiders in the Indian culture. In April 2014, the brand began to fare to the United Arab Emirates. In July 2014, Tanishq declared it stopped its gold store plans to conform to the Companies Act 2013, plans that empowered its customers to set aside to purchase gold however propelled it back only a couple of months after the fact in a configuration that consented to the new laws. By June 2014, Tanishq had 167 retail locations across the country and reported the opening of 30 more before the finish of 2015. In May 2015, Tanishq enlisted Deepika Padukone to be the brand's representative. In 2017, Tanishq propelled a sub-mark called Rivaah focusing on the wedding portion. In January 2017, the Titan bunch combined its Gold Plus stores with the bigger Tanishq retail mark. In April 2017, Tanishq propelled the sub-mark Mirayah to take into account ladies under their 40's. In December 2017, Tanishq propelled the Aveer line, its first line of items for men.

Deepika Padukone at Tanishq Jewellery Event

Tanishq Rivaah Wedding Jewellery

Tanishq Ad By fabsalesindia

Advertisement by tanishq_sapnasangeeta

Tanishq Ad vivahatales

Tanishq - Rivaah Brides By Tanishq TVC

Tanishq Wedding Film (2013)

Expression Of Love ❤❤❤ Tanishq Solitaires Commercial

Tanishq Ad

Tanishq Brother Sister TVC Ad

Divyam by Tanishq


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